Stetchy Bracelet

Natural beads with strong stretchy band. $45

Falling Water double ring

Round & triangle 10mm flat stones. $29

Natural Bead Hoop earrings

(earring hooks included)

Radiance Drop Earring

10x7mm stones. $32

Prism Triangle Post

10mm, with zirconia. $28

Three Piece Post

10mm, 8mm, 6mm rounds. $32

Sandy Bottom Earring

6mm rounds. $31

Prism Ring

10mm flat stone. $22

Ibex Ring

10mm round $24

Sandy Bottom Ring

round, 10mm, $21

Falling Water Ring-Tear

12x8mm flat stone. $23

Falling Water Ring-Round

10mm flat stone. $23

Falling Water Ring-Oval

12x10mm flat stone. $23

Chevron necklace

(18" silver chain)
20x15mm tear. $35

Bluebell Necklace

(18" chain)
20x15mm tear. $32

Obelisk pendant Tear

(chain not included)
15x10mm tear. $46

Obelisk pendant Square

(chain not included)
10mm square. $37

Station Bead necklace

(27" silver chain) $49

Falling Water Drop necklace

16x12mm flat oval and 10mm flat round stones. $37

Falling Water Necklace-Triangle

15mm flat stone. $29

Falling Water Necklace-Round

14mm flat stone. $29

Falling Water Necklace-Oval

16x12mm flat stone. $29