Reliable Larimar story

I first came to the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps Volunteer from 1996-1998. Upon completing my service, I returned to the US with a strong love of the Dominican Republic, as well as a love for the Larimar stone. Life took me to California for graduate school (Santa Clara University, MBA) and then back to Massachusetts to work in the family hotel business (, Reliable Larimar was founded in 2007 as a source for larimar cabochons. For five years I split my time between Massachusetts and the Dominican Republic, slowly building the company to include hand-mounted silver jewelry as well as calibrated cabs. In 2012 I moved back to the Dominican full time, again with the Peace Corps, as the manager of their Community Economic Development program. In 2016 I decided to devote my full time to operating the company. The business has grown to include three unique lines of wholesale larimar jewelry as well as wholesale larimar cabochons, beads, and tumbled stones. Currently, I live in Santo Domingo where my production line is based and I come back to the states regularly for trade shows and customer visits.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to bring Larimar to the world thru beautiful, skillfully made jewelry. It is also our goal to tap into, develop, and support native entrepreneurial talent here in the Dominican Republic.

As the manager of the economic development program of the Peace Corps I witnessed many Dominicans with high level artisan skills, but also noted they were frustrated. Due to a lack of sales opportunities and access to foreign markets, they were not receiving enough benefit and some were even leaving the trade for other work. By combining my capability in business and international development with local Dominican skilled craftsmen and artists, my goal is for Reliable Larimar to be a bridge; a bridge that brings the miraculous larimar stone, as well as the skilled Dominicans who craft it, to a larger world stage.