Larimar gemstones
My inventory of stones has most everything a designer needs to create a Larimar line, including: Cabochons in all shapes and sizes, matched smaller cabochons for earrings, freeform beads for stringing, tumbled stones, raw slabs for cutting, and perforated stones.

My Larimar is meticulously graded using the following scale:


Superb colors and/or natural patterns with no discolorations or inclusions. The highest grade of Larimar that exists, and extremely rare


Excellent colors and/or natural patterns with very minimal discolorations or inclusions


Good colors and/or natural patterns may have minor discolorations or inclusions


Good to fair colors/patterns with some
discolorations or inclusions

Fair colors/patterns with discolorations or inclusions. This is the lowest grade of larimar

Cabochon Pricing
AAA+: $4-$5/gram. Stones priced individually
(Wholesale discounts are available)

Calibrated Cabochons
I currently offer calibrated cabs in all grades (except AAA+) in the following shapes and sizes:
Ovals-28x21mm, 21x16, 14x10 and 11x8.
Teardrop-27x19mm, 22x16, 18x12, 12x9, 10x7.
Calibrated cabs are $.50 extra per gram

Calibrated cabs in sizes less than 15mm are $.75 extra per gram

Larimar Jewelry
I mount a portion of my cabs in sterling silver, using simple, elegant designs for pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings.
Larimar jewelry mounted in sterling silver $2.50/gram.

Other Offerings
Drilled “Natural” Beads.
These beads are polished on all sides and can be used like traditional round beads. Sold loose by the gram or in 16” stands.

Polished Rubbing Stones.
These stones are smooth and polished on all sides and feel wonderful in your hand as well as in a pocket or purse. Good for those using larimar for its metaphysical qualities.

Polished slabs.
These slabs are highly polished on the top and bottom while the edges are left natural. Works well as a display piece or for metaphysical uses.

(Wholesale discounts are available)