Larimar, more than any other stone, captures the beauty and mystery of the Dominican Republic.  Ever since arriving on the island in 1996 as a US Peace Corps Volunteer, I knew it was a unique, one of a kind place. Found in only one mine worldwide... Larimar is a unique one of a kind stone.

Reliable Larimar’s goal is to share the gift of Larimar.  Combining 5 years of experience in the jewelry business with my intimate knowledge of the culture and people of the Dominican Republic, I am able to find and tailor the best available Larimar to your needs as a designer.  Discover Larimar and help me share the secret with the rest of the world!

The people of Reliable Larimar:

Michael Rothstein: Founder.  Born and raised in Philadelphia.  I split my time between Santo Domingo, DR and the beautiful Berkshire hills of Massachusetts where I own and run the Race Brook Lodge.

Peterson Mejia:  Hailing from Los Minas, he is the best young stonecutter in Santo Domingo.  One of the few cutters who can consistently create beautiful small cabs in exact shapes and sizes.

Alberto Rosario:  A veteran in the Larimar world.  With over 15 years experience, Alberto’s knowledge and experience is invaluable.  From buying rough at the mines to the final finishing of a stone, Alberto is my trusted friend and advisor.

Andres Ramirez:  The king of Conch! and a fine silversmith.